Adaptive Glasses

Uncorrected poor vision is one of the most pressing problems in the developing world. The World Health Organization estimates that 180 million people – 90 percent of them in poor countries – suffer serious visual impairments. In a place like Ghana,... Read More »

Echo Chamber

Echo Chamber. You’ve heard the term before. It is used to describe a hollow enclosure that, based on the shape of the structure, allows sound to reverberate.  An echo chamber can be used by scientists to test sound waves or by musicians to produce certain e... Read More »

Ministering in “Empty Stadiums”

Last year’s baseball game between the Chicago White Sox and the Baltimore Orioles was the first major league game played behind closed doors since September 28, 1882 when the Worcester Ruby Legs (MA) played the Troy Trojans (NY). Major League Baseball ... Read More »

Consequences of a Drifting Heart

In 1914, not long after the sinking of the Titanic, Congress convened a hearing to discern what happened in another nautical tragedy. In January of that year, in thick fog off the Virginia coast, the steamship Monroe was rammed by the merchant vessel Nantucket... Read More »

Gospel Proclamation & Unconventional Success

Image the scenario. You totaled all the wars over the last two hundred years and divided the powers to be for one decisive battle. You gave one army ten times more ammunition, firearms, machinery, and soldiers than the other side. How often would the army with... Read More »


Sometimes brilliance manifests itself in a matter of minutes.  Other times, it takes a lifetime.  Think Picasso.  He bursts onto the art scene and makes a significance contribution forever changing the landscape of modern art, and he does so while in his tw... Read More »

Perfection in an Unexpected Place

A musician played his violin in a Washington D.C. Metro Station on a cold January morning in 2007. He played six Bach pieces for one-full hour. During that time approximately 1,000 people went through the station, most of them on their way to work. After three... Read More »

He Sleeps in the Storm

A young man sought employment on a farm. He handed a letter to his potential employer that read, “He sleeps in a storm.” The desperate owner needed help, so he hired the young man despite his enigmatic letter. Several weeks passed and, in the middle of... Read More »

A Humble Man Remains

William Carey and his family departed for India on June 13, 1793 and few people noticed their departure. Carey was a shoemaker with a grammar-school education and minimal credentials for missionary service other than “an inextinguishable conviction that God ... Read More »

Frank and Jesse James

Two young boys moved to a small town in Missouri. The boys were the sons of a well-known preacher. A few days after the preacher and his family settled-in to their new home, the boys found what seemed to be a stray black dog with a few white streaks on its tai... Read More »

Google Search

Google is the most used search engine in the world, handling over three billion internet searches a day. In 2010, Google launched a new feature to their search engine known as “auto-complete.” The purpose of this feature enabled users to find information f... Read More »

Adidas and Puma

There were two brothers born in Bavaria, Germany in the late 1800’s. They grew-up in Herzogenaurach, a little town located nearby the Aurach River. Their names were Adolf and Rudolph Dassler. The two brothers started a shoe factory business in their parent... Read More »