Adidas and Puma

There were two brothers born in Bavaria, Germany in the late 1800’s. They grew-up in Herzogenaurach, a little town located nearby the Aurach River. Their names were Adolf and Rudolph Dassler. The two brothers started a shoe factory business in their parent’s basement. The business grew in success and sustained its success through the 1930’s and 1940’s. However, in 1948 something happened. The company split because of a family feud between the brothers. The younger brother, Rudolph, left the village and started a company called Puma on the other side of the Aurach river. Adolph Dassler remained on his side of the river and started a shoe company called Adidas. This nasty family feud resulted in the brothers competing against one another until they died.  And when they died, the secret of their division died with them.

The little town remains divided to this day. In fact, Helmut Fischer, an employee of Puma, was recently interviewed and in a fascinating article he admitted that he would not speak to anyone who wears Adidas shoes.

Failure to forgive has consequential overtones.

[1] “Adidas and Puma, Brotherly Rivals to the Core,” posted on June 5, 2016. Also see, Omar Akhtar “The Hatred and Bitterness Behind Two of the World’s Most Popular Brands,” posted on March 22, 2013


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