We want to let all our readers know that PreachingSource blog posts will be on hiatus this summer. In the meantime, all other website resources are available, including all previous posts. We hope you will continue to enjoy and utilize! Read More »

A Professor His Books and Preachers: “Lessons from the ‘Plodding’ Prince of 19th Century British Preaching”

The following article is part of a series of articles by the preaching faculty at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, where a faculty member reviews a recent book they have read and shares its importance for preachers. John C. Carlile, Alexander Mclaren... Read More »

Pastors and Burnout

This is a term that is defined by emotional, spiritual, and sometimes physical fatigue that leaves one incapable of handling well the life they are living. Covid has certainly not helped this. Ministry is one of those callings that can drain a person in this w... Read More »

Advice for Guest Preachers

In preaching classes at SWBTS, I aim to connect class content to the concrete reality of a student’s preaching experience in the local church. In the process of doing this, I frequently say something like, “One day, when you are preaching at FBC Bugtussle... Read More »

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