Resources for Preaching Genesis

Every pastor should treat his people to a series of sermons through Genesis. The great John Chrysostom preached 75 sermons on Genesis! After all, it is the fountainhead of all Scripture. It is impossible to understand God’s panoramic plan of redemption apart... Read More »

The Christ Connection in Genesis

According to Luke 24:44–45 and John 5:46, the human authors of the Old Testament spoke of Jesus in their writings. Genesis foreshadows the coming of Jesus. In his book, Christ-Centered Preaching, Bryan Chapell asserts there are only a few passages in the Old... Read More »

Important Words in Genesis

Most of my students majoring in Media Arts and Worship don’t take the languages. It’s understandable; Hebrew and Greek aren’t required for the M.A. at DTS. Most of these artists don’t see the practical need for the languages—after all, they insist, t... Read More »

Preaching Justice from the Creation

“In the Beginning…” The book of Genesis is often the minister’s favorite biblical book to preach because of its fascinating and thrilling stories. However, Genesis is not a fairytale that offers life lessons. Genesis is not merely a collection of inter... Read More »

Finding the Pericopes for Genesis

Preaching historical narratives can, at times, be intimidating. Historical narratives do not function in the same way as, say, an epistle. Epistles are normally loaded with both indicatives and imperatives, thus providing the reader with a clear outline of wha... Read More »

Literary and Context Clues for Genesis

The Book of Genesis “presents the literary and theological underpinning of the whole canonical Scriptures.”[1]Kenneth A. Mathews, Genesis 1–11:26, NAC 1A (Nashville: B&H Publishing, 1996), 22. This foundational role that Genesis provides for understa... Read More »

How Genre Influences Preaching Genesis

With the theme of biblical redemptive history in mind, I recently preached a series of messages from the book Genesis. My intent was not to do a thorough study through the book but to help my congregation see that God’s redemptive plan started as far bac... Read More »

The Point of Checking Out, Jacob’s Stairway to Heaven

SWBTS Chapel sermon called The Point of Checking Out, Jacob’s Stairway to Heaven. by Matthew McKellar. Read More »

Genesis Sermon Starter

Dr. Deron Biles, Dean Emeritus of Southwestern Center for Extension Education, Professor of Pastoral Ministries and Preaching, and Director of Professional Doctoral Studies at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, continues the Sermon Starter series with ... Read More »

Genesis 49:29-50:26

Gen. 49:29-50:26 Locate the passage The book of Genesis closes with Egyptian funerals for two Hebrew Patriarchs. Both will be permanently buried outside of Egypt. This pericope closes the book and finishes with the family of Israel (Jacob) completely committed... Read More »