Genesis 40:1-23

Gen. 40:1-23 Locate the passage This passage tracks the events that took place while Joseph was in Pharaoh’s prison. Potiphar is now out of the picture and has nothing more to do with the story (though one might wonder what happened between them when Joseph ... Read More »

Genesis 38:1-30

Gen. 38:1-30 Locate the passage This passage seems to interrupt the Joseph narrative. It reminds us that the focus has not left Jacob and his family (Gen. 37:2). Here, we see another picture of deceit in Jacob’s family. The passage provides additional insigh... Read More »

Genesis 37:2-36

Gen. 37:2-36 Locate the passage This pericope begins a new toledoth in the text. The story resumes the accounts of the family of Jacob. It reveals that the sin of favoritism that Jacob learned from Isaac and Rebekah, that threatened to split Jacob’s family, ... Read More »

Genesis 36:1-37:1

Gen. 36:1-37:1 Locate the passage This section covers two toledoth sections in Genesis. The first begins in 36:1 and the second begins in 36:9. Both are related to the genealogy of Esau. Because the next toledoth begins in 37:2, 37:1 is here treated as the con... Read More »

Genesis 35:16-20

Gen. 35:16-29 Locate the passage Death is a natural part of life and marks genuine transitions. This pericope records the deaths of Rachel and Isaac. In addition to the death of Deborah which was recorded earlier in Genesis 35, the mention of these deaths demo... Read More »

Genesis 35:1-15

Gen. 35:1-15 Locate the passage Genesis 34 is something of an interlude between occasions of Jacob’s worship. Since Jacob had not fully complied with the Lord’s instructions, he had placed his family in jeopardy. Now, the Lord reminded Jacob of His intenti... Read More »

Genesis 34:1-31

Gen. 34:1-31 Locate the passage As Jacob and his family settled in the promise land conflicts began to develop. One such conflict erupted around his daughter, Dinah. The account of the incident between her and Shechem and the response of her brothers to it for... Read More »

Genesis 32:22-32

Gen. 32:22-32 Locate the passage After sending his family ahead, Jacob spent the night alone. During the night, he encounters a “Man” who changes his name, his posture, and his life. The event parallels the nation of “Israel” who would bear his name as... Read More »

Genesis 32:1-21

Gen. 32:1-21 Locate the passage Jacob has left Laban and is finally on his way home. He doesn’t get far before he experiences a Divine reminder of the Lord’s faithfulness to His Word. But, there is one major obstacle between Paddan Aram and home—Esau! No... Read More »

Genesis 31:1-55

Gen. 31:1-55 Locate the passage As God blessed Jacob with increasing flocks, Laban’s sons recognized that Jacob’s gain came at their father’s loss and began to despise Jacob. The passage begins with conflict, but ends with a treaty. Genre The passage is ... Read More »