Blake Gideon

How Genre Influences Preaching Genesis

With the theme of biblical redemptive history in mind, I recently preached a series of messages from the book Genesis. My intent was not to do a thorough study through the book but to help my congregation see that God’s redemptive plan started as far bac... Read More »

The Gospel and Moral Obligation

SWBTS Chapel sermon called The Gospel and Moral Obligation by Blake Gideon. Read More »

Preaching Pointers from Judges

The key to interpreting any historical book like Judges is to discover the major theme of the book. It most cases the narrator of any particular book will highlight the theme in the beginning paragraphs or the opening narrative within the book. However, in the... Read More »

Travailing Over a Soul

SWBTS Chapel sermon called┬áTravailing Over a Soul by Dr. Blake Gideon. Read More »