Kyeongmin "Kaleb" Seo

Preaching Justice from the Creation

“In the Beginning…” The book of Genesis is often the minister’s favorite biblical book to preach because of its fascinating and thrilling stories. However, Genesis is not a fairytale that offers life lessons. Genesis is not merely a collection of inter... Read More »

As One with Authority and Humility

Authority of Preachers Fred Craddock’s book, As One Without Authority, opened the door towards the concept of a “new” homiletic. The book is one of the best-selling books on preaching in the last 40 years, and homileticians who advocate narrative theolog... Read More »

Christomonism: A Pitfall of Christocentric Preaching

The term “Christ-centered preaching” is an expression utilized by modern evangelical preachers. This Christocentric approach supported by Sidney Greidanus, Bryan Chapell, and Graeme Goldsworthy, among others, has encouraged preachers to focus on Christ so ... Read More »