Preaching Christ in the OT

Dangers of Preaching Jesus from the Old Testament

Any preacher studying preaching has seen the rise in discussion on the need to preach from the Old Testament. Between the increased plea to preach the Old Testament and the off-handed remarks by some that we should find ways to separate the modern Christian ex... Read More »

Using the Types of Christ

Jesus taught His disciples that the Old Testament (OT) writers predicted things about Him that had to be fulfilled (Luke 24:25–27, 44–47). One of the ways the OT Scriptures predict New Testament (NT) realities about Jesus and His gospel is by means of typo... Read More »

Canonical Interpretation and Intertextuality

Let’s be honest: preaching is hard. Preaching from the Old Testament is harder. This is likely why it seems a majority of preaching in churches today comes from the New Testament. This is so much the case that it almost seems that we are susceptible to becom... Read More »

The Rest of the Story: Placing an Old Testament Text in Salvation History

The following is an excerpt from my The Story of Scripture: An Introduction to Biblical Theology (Hobbs College Library; Nashville: B&H Academic, 2017), pp. 82–83. Used with permission. Because I focused on expository preaching in my master’s degree co... Read More »

Preaching Christ: Is There Another Option?

If a preacher believes that all of Scripture points to Christ and that Christ is the sole focus of saving faith, he has no other option when he opens God’s word. He must preach Christ. If one should inquire whether this profound necessity extends to passages... Read More »

What is Christotelic Preaching?

Joe sits down at his desk. He is planning to preach an Old Testament book for the first time to his new congregation. He prays over his passage, notes the genre as a narrative, outlines the scenes and plot, and makes exegetical notes about the passage’s subs... Read More »

What is Christiconic Preaching?

In the world of hermeneutics, several ideas have emerged with a goal of helping us understand how the Old Testament is to be understood in terms of its relationship to Jesus Christ. Jim Shaddix has rightly noted that among these—the Christocentric, Christote... Read More »

Christomonism: A Pitfall of Christocentric Preaching

The term “Christ-centered preaching” is an expression utilized by modern evangelical preachers. This Christocentric approach supported by Sidney Greidanus, Bryan Chapell, and Graeme Goldsworthy, among others, has encouraged preachers to focus on Christ so ... Read More »

Is Theocentric Preaching Enough?

You search the Scriptures because you think that in them you have eternal life; it is these that testify about Me; and you are unwilling to come to me so that you may have life (John 5:39–40 NASB). The question before us is, “Is theocentric preaching enoug... Read More »

The Need: Preaching Christ from the Old Testament

Is there a need to preach Christ from the Old Testament (OT)? Is there some grand, compelling reason that removes all other options? Yes, I think there is. The compelling reason is to preach Christ from the OT is Christ himself. When we look in each of the Gos... Read More »