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Preaching to the Spiritually Enslaved Who Need to be Freed

One of the most impactful experiences I had as a young pastor in rural West Tennessee was my monthly visit to our local jail to preach to the inmates. Walking into the Tipton County Jail, I sensed the unmistakable institutional nature of my surroundings. The ... Read More »

Preaching to the Sinner Who Needs to be Justified

Why do we preach? Why do I spend countless hours every week mulling over a text from an ancient book to simply stand up on a stage and deliver a 30-minute message? Is there a goal? Is there a purpose? To what end do we do these things? The goal of preaching is... Read More »

Preaching to the Sinner Who Needs Redemption

No higher calling or higher privilege exists than God’s calling on a man’s life to preach the Word of God (2 Tim 4:2). The calling to preach the Word necessarily entails the responsibility to articulate the gospel of Jesus Christ to sinners who need redemp... Read More »

Preaching to the Spiritually Empty Who Need to Be Filled

Pastors are called to feed, lead, and intercede for the church. When we have the privilege to stand before the people of God and share biblical truth with them, we must do so with the greatest skill entrusted to us by the Lord. This requires from each preacher... Read More »

Preaching to the Spiritually Dead Who Need to Be Made Alive

Evangelistic preaching is simply this: communicating the Gospel through biblical exegesis to those who are “spiritually dead.” But communication means that the preacher must relentlessly look for ways to connect the words of Scripture to the audience in a ... Read More »

Preaching to the Lost Who Need to Be Found: The Jesus Model of Preaching

Jesus is the center and circumference of the Bible. He is the Promised One of the Old Testament and the Holy One of the New Testament. He is both the Message and Messenger of Salvation. No one else can lay claim to that fact. Every called preacher is a messeng... Read More »

The Preacher as Missionary

In recent years our family survived our “Angry Birds” season of life. For a period of time our kids could not get enough of this game, to the extent that we even had an Angry Birds birthday party along the way. If you have played this game, you know that t... Read More »

Preaching to the Spiritually Sick Who Need to Be Healed

When I was a kid, we rode bikes. We played outside. And I know, most kids today would hear that and think, “Your parents must have been so mean! They made you play outside where the sun is shining and the air conditioning is non-existent.” It is mind boggl... Read More »

Why Every Preacher Needs to Know and Preach Sound Doctrine

It was the most watched syndicated television special in 1986 with 30 million viewers. I remember it well. The hype was incredible. Television reporter Geraldo Rivera had convinced television producers that they would do a live following of Geraldo as he took ... Read More »

Deep Preaching: Why Doctrine Matters in the Pulpit

In his sermon titled “The True Aim of Preaching,” wherein he expounded upon Acts 13, Spurgeon wrote the following: Paul’s mode of preaching, as illustrated by this chapter, was first of all to appeal to the understanding with a clear exposition of doctri... Read More »

The Need to Preach Expository Sermons that are Doctrinally Sound

“All Scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness, 17 that the man of God may be complete, thoroughly equipped for every good work.” (2 Timothy 3:16-17, NKJV) Preac... Read More »

Preaching the Doctrine of Special Revelation

. . . STAND THERE ON THE ROCK . . . Exodus 33:21 The old spiritual song goes, “If I could I surely would, stand on the rock where Moses stood.” It answers the question of where the man of God stands when he preaches. He stands on the rock . . . that rock [... Read More »

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