Chris Osborne


The following article is part of a series of articles that will explore necessary disciplines for preachers. As the title of the series suggests, these disciplines act as foundations for effective preaching. I came to Christ my junior year in high school and w... Read More »

Pastors and Burnout

This is a term that is defined by emotional, spiritual, and sometimes physical fatigue that leaves one incapable of handling well the life they are living. Covid has certainly not helped this. Ministry is one of those callings that can drain a person in this w... Read More »

A Professor His Books and Preachers: The Puritans

The following article is the first of a series of articles by the preaching faculty at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, where a faculty member reviews a recent book they have read and shares its importance for preachers. D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones, The Pu... Read More »

Breakout Session: Chris Osborne

Chris Osborne’s session at the 2020 Text-Driven Preaching Workshop. Read More »

Where are the text-driven preachers?

I love being at a seminary that fully embraces the idea of text-driven preaching. But who is really responsible for the idea of text-driven preaching becoming prevalent in our churches? Many will see this as the role of the seminary, but I think there is more ... Read More »

Between Attendance and Truth

SWBTS Chapel sermon called Between Attendance and Truth by Chris Osborne. Read More »

The Preacher Who Mentors: Reproducing in Others What Jesus Produced in You

When one leaves seminary, the name Charles always references Spurgeon. It is hard to imagine any seminary student that would not make that connection. He of course is a great man and one who was iconic. That is, though, sometimes the problem. We study a man wh... Read More »

Preaching Interview: Chris Osborne

Chris Osborne sits down with Daniel Dickard for an interview to discuss preaching that Penetrates the Heart. Read More »

The Fear of the Lord

SWBTS Chapel sermon called The Fear of the Lord by Dr. Chris Osborne. Read More »

Breakout Session: Chris Osborne

Chris Osborneā€™s breakout session at the 2018 Text-Driven Preaching Conference. Read More »