Genesis 8:1-9:17

Gen. 8:1-9:17 Locate the passage This pericope records when the ark came to rest and the flood began to recede.  God judgment was just, but He did not forget mankind.  His Covenant was a sign of His grace to His people. Genre The passage is narrative.  In t... Read More »

Genesis 6:9-7:24

Generation IV:  The Generations of Noah (6:9) Gen. 6:9-7:24 Locate the passage This passage follows the revelation of two great truths from the previous passage: the depth of mankind’s sin and the favor Noah found.  This pericope begins the third toledoth ... Read More »

Genesis 6:1-8

Gen. 6:1-8 Locate the passage This passage is a dramatic turning point from the shockingly long life-spans of Genesis 5.  Chapter five ends with the introduction of Noah.  Chapter 6 begins with the context that accentuates his faithfulness. The passage is th... Read More »

Genesis 5:1-32

Generation III: The Generations of Adam (5:1) Gen. 5:1-32 Locate the passage This pericope begins the next toledoth section in Genesis.  It chronicles the family of Adam and is marked by the long life-spans of first few generations after Adam.  This passage ... Read More »

Genesis 4:17-26

Genesis 4:17-26 Locate the passage This passage chronicles the progress of life, the consequences of sin, and the extension of God’s grace.  The passage follows Cain’s punishment and its impact on mankind. Genre The passage is narrative, with a poem highl... Read More »

Genesis 4:1-16

Genesis 4:1-16 Locate the passage This passage records the first events after mankind was expelled from the garden. Some English translation complete this section in 4:15. However, the more logical pericope is 4:1-16. First, the break in the Hebrew text is aft... Read More »

Genesis 3:8-24

Genesis 3:8-24 Locate the passage This pericope demonstrates the consequences of sin. It takes place in the garden and is the last moments for mankind in the garden. Genre The passage is a narrative. The conversations recorded are between the Lord and Adam, th... Read More »

Genesis 3:1-7

Genesis 3:1-7 Locate the passage This passage is the account of the fall. Note how the nakedness of 3:7 is juxtaposed by the nakedness of 2:25. It explains the origin of sin and its consequences on mankind. It anticipates the consequences of the man and woman ... Read More »

Genesis 2:18-25

Genesis 2:18-25 Locate the passage The passage is part of Day 6 of creation. It is part of the narrowing focus on this day that began in 2:4. This was a busy day. Genre The passage is narrative. The divine conversation in 2:18 appears directed to the Godhead a... Read More »

Genesis 2:4-17

Generation II: The Generations of the Heavens and the Earth Genesis 2:4-17 Locate the passage This pericope is a close-up examination of Day Six of creation. This is the first of eleven occurrences of the word “toledoth” which outlines the structure of the... Read More »