Genesis 16:1-16

Gen. 16:1-16 Locate the passage This passage occurs immediately after the renewal of the Abrahamic Covenant in Gen. 15 It represents the parenthesis between God’s promise and its fulfillment. It is the third in a series of episodes of doubt (cf. 12:10-20; 15... Read More »

Genesis 15:1-21

Gen. 15:1-21 Locate the passage Since God’s Covenant with Abram was first established in 12:1-3, Abram has failed miserably by lacking faith and succeeded greatly by acting in faith. Throughout, God has been faithful, but Abram still does not have an heir. T... Read More »

Genesis 14:1-24

Gen. 14:1-24 Locate the passage This pericope records the battle scene of four kingdoms of the East battle five kingdoms of the West to whom they have been subjugated for twelve years.  In the battle, Lot is taken during the defeat of the western kingdoms. Ge... Read More »

Genesis 13:1-18

Gen. 13:1-18 Locate the passage This passage tracks Abram’s journey back to the land of Canaan from which he should not have previously left. Genre The passage is narrative.  It records conversations between Abram and Lot and the Lord and Abram. Determine t... Read More »

Genesis 12:10-20

Gen. 12:10-20 Locate the passage This passage chronicling Abram’s lack of faith in God follows immediately after God’s promise to Abram and Abram’s faithful response.  It demonstrates the immaturity of Abram’s faith and a shocking disregard for his wi... Read More »

Genesis 11:27-12:9

Gen. 11:27-12:9 Locate the passage This section begins a new toledoth following the family of Terah, Abram’s father.  This toledoth is one of the longest sections in Genesis and extends through 25:11.  This section introduces us to Abram (whose name will a... Read More »

Genesis 11:10-26

Gen. 11:10-26 Locate the passage This section is marked by the beginning of a new toledoth through the lineage of Shem.  The passage shows the lineage of Abraham through the line of Shem. Genre The passage is narrative.  It is an extended genealogy list.  T... Read More »

Genesis 11:1-9

Gen. 11:1-9 Locate the passage This passage recounts the Divine interruption of mankind’s selfish plans to make a name for themselves.  This passage records the events that led to the Lord enforcing mankind’s obedience to the Divine command to “fill the... Read More »

Genesis 10:1-32

Gen. 10:1-32 Locate the passage This pericope begins the next toledoth and recounts the lineage of Noah’s 3 sons. Genre The passage is narrative.  No conversation is recorded in this passage, except a “saying” that became common regarding Nimrod. Determ... Read More »

Genesis 9:18-29

Gen. 9:18-29 Locate the passage This pericope records the history of Noah and his sons after disembarking from the ark.  It covers the final 349 years of Noah’s life. Genre The passage is narrative. The only conversation is from Noah regarding the judgment ... Read More »