Christmas Love

John Fawcett, English Baptist preacher, author, and hymn-writer, entered the ministry as a Baptist pastor in 1764, pastoring a church in Halifax for the next 53 years until his death. He is mostly remembered today as the author of “Blest Be the Tie that Bind... Read More »

Advent Devotion: You Will Go out with Joy

Can we have joy in COVID? The answer is yes and no. We might have joy during COVID, but our joy is not IN COVID. Our joy is in Christ! That’s a message Isaiah wanted us to know in Isaiah 55. I’ve never actually heard hills singing or seen trees clapping, b... Read More »

Advent Devotion: Peace

Glory to God in the highest And on Earth peace, goodwill toward men. If you’re anything like me, you find yourself caught in the web of constant busy-ness. Despite my protestations to the contrary, I clearly believe (at least according to my actions) that aw... Read More »

Noncancelable Hope: Musings on Mary’s Hope-Filled Magnification in Luke 1:46–55

Most of us have had it with cancellations connected to this year’s COVID-19 crisis. For far too many, this year has been a season of postponed plans, delayed dreams, and skewered schedules. Whether the cancellation of a favorite football team’s game or the... Read More »

Advent Devotion: Hope

Luke beautifully weaves four hope-filled canticles (songs) into his first two chapters: Mary’s praise (Magnificat 1:46–55), Zechariah’s Prophecy (Benedictus 1:67–79), the Angels’ song (Gloria in Excelsis Deo 2:14), and Simeon’s prayer (Nunc Dimitti... Read More »

Christmas Reconciliation: The Divine Restoration of Communion

Why did God the Father send his only begotten Son to become a human baby? Why did the Son of God add our human nature to his eternal person? Why did he have to be this baby at this time and place? Why did he come to live the life he lived and die the […... Read More »

Thoughts on Christmas

A friend of mine told me recently something to the effect of, “Believers think that just because we do Christmas that it somehow means we’ve celebrated it.” Too many times December 26th rolls around, and we find ourselves suddenly confronted with the fac... Read More »

20 Ways to Keep Christmas Sermons Fresh and Innovative

The Christmas story is anything but common.  What God did in the Incarnation was remarkable!  In fact, Christmas has been called both a miracle and mystery.  The miracle is what God accomplished by sending Jesus to earth.  The mystery is why He sent Jesus.... Read More »