Deron J. Biles

Dr. Deron Biles is the Dean Emeritus of Southwestern Center for Extension Education, Professor of Pastoral Ministries and Preaching, School of Theology and School of Preaching, Director of Professional Doctoral Studies, School of Preaching, Fort Worth Campus

Genesis 32:22-32

Gen. 32:22-32 Locate the passage After sending his family ahead, Jacob spent the night alone. During the night, he encounters a “Man” who changes his name, his posture, and his life. The event parallels the nation of “Israel” who would bear his name as... Read More »

Genesis 32:1-21

Gen. 32:1-21 Locate the passage Jacob has left Laban and is finally on his way home. He doesn’t get far before he experiences a Divine reminder of the Lord’s faithfulness to His Word. But, there is one major obstacle between Paddan Aram and home—Esau! No... Read More »

Genesis 31:1-55

Gen. 31:1-55 Locate the passage As God blessed Jacob with increasing flocks, Laban’s sons recognized that Jacob’s gain came at their father’s loss and began to despise Jacob. The passage begins with conflict, but ends with a treaty. Genre The passage is ... Read More »

Genesis 30:25-43

Gen. 30:25-43 Locate the passage This passage is the natural progression of Jacob’s growing family. This passage of the growth of Jacob’s flocks parallels the previous pericope which chronicled the growth of Jacob’s family. He realizes that he needs to b... Read More »

Genesis 29:31-30:24

Gen. 29:31-30:24 Locate the passage This passage continues the story of Jacob’s growing family. For the first time, God is involved in the story, not by Jacob’s initiative, but because nothing and no one escapes His attention. Genre The passage is narrativ... Read More »

Genesis 29:1-30

Gen. 29:1-30 Locate the passage This passage tracks Jacob as he travels to Padan Aram in search of a wife. His instructions are to meet his mother’s brother, Laban. Jacob finds Laban to be much like himself. What follows is the story of two deceivers deceivi... Read More »

Genesis 28:10-22

Gen. 28:10-22 Locate the passage Jacob has left home. He had never in his life been alone, not even in the womb. Now, having left home by himself he meets the Lord who says to him, “I am with you.” Genre The passage is narrative. The Divine conversation is... Read More »

Genesis 26:34-28:9

Gen. 26:34-28:9 Locate the passage While Jacob will be the child through whom the Covenant will extend, this pericope is more about Esau than Jacob. His marriage in defiance of his family, his lost blessing, his intention to kill his brother, and more marriage... Read More »

Genesis 26:1-11

Gen. 26:1-11 Locate the passage Genesis 26 seems to be an interruption of the flow of thought between Genesis 25 and 27. In this chapter, the focus is on Isaac and not on Jacob. Like Genesis 34 (which also interrupts the Jacob Cycle) and 38 (which interrupts t... Read More »

Genesis 26:12-33

Gen. 26:12-33 Locate the passage Isaac settled in Gerar and the Lord blessed him. Like his father before him, the people of the land became threatened by his blessing. The passage records three responses of the people of Gerar. The king asked him to leave thei... Read More »