Genesis 32:1-21

 |  April 9, 2018

Gen. 32:1-21

  1. Locate the passage

Jacob has left Laban and is finally on his way home. He doesn’t get far before he experiences a Divine reminder of the Lord’s faithfulness to His Word. But, there is one major obstacle between Paddan Aram and home—Esau! Now, Jacob must prepare to meet the brother he deceived, the reason he left home, and one of the sources of their families division.

  1. Genre

The passage is narrative. It records the response of Jacob to the angelic visit and his conversation with his family in preparations for meeting Esau. It includes a theophany, a prayer, and two occasions of preparing to meet Esau.

  1. Determine the structure of the passage

32:1-2 – A Divine Encounter

32:3-6 – Jacob sends messengers to Esau; Esau is coming!

32:7-8 – Jacob prepares his family to meet Esau

32:9-12 – Jacob prayed for the Lord’s protection

32:13-21 – Jacob sends a present to Esau

  1. Exegete the passage

32:1-2 – The angels of God

32:3-8 – The narrator points out two actions of Jacob that play off of the events of 32:1-2.

32:3 – Immediately after being reminded of God’s presence, Jacob prepares for the inevitability of meeting Esau.

32:3 – In the land of “Seir,” the country of “Edom”

32:4 – Thus says your “servant” Jacob

32:5 – Jacob is up front with his request – He desires to “find favor” with Esau

32:6 – Esau is coming

32:7 – Jacob’s fear seems to center around the army coming with Esau.

32:9-12 – Jacob’s fear also directed him to the Lord

32:13 – The next day … Jacob took “what came to his hand”

32:16 – Jacob distributed his “gift” to his brother among the two camps of his family.

32:18 – Here, Jacob refers to this gift as a “present.” In 33:11, he calls it a “blessing.”

32:20 – Jacob, again, refers to himself as a “servant” of Esau.

32:20 – I will see his “face.”

32:21 – Rather than keeping his family with him for the night, Jacob sent his family away and spent the night by himself.

  1. Let the structure of the text drive the sermon

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