Deron J. Biles

Dr. Deron Biles is the Dean Emeritus of Southwestern Center for Extension Education, Professor of Pastoral Ministries and Preaching, School of Theology and School of Preaching, Director of Professional Doctoral Studies, School of Preaching, Fort Worth Campus

2 Timothy 1:1–7

Paul’s circumstances changed between the writing of 1 Timothy and 2 Timothy.  In the first letter, Paul was anticipating coming to see Timothy.  However, in second the letter, Paul was in prison.  The circumstances of Paul’s imprisonment and impending d... Read More »

Genesis Sermon Starter

Dr. Deron Biles, Dean Emeritus of Southwestern Center for Extension Education, Professor of Pastoral Ministries and Preaching, and Director of Professional Doctoral Studies at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, continues the Sermon Starter series with ... Read More »

Genesis 49:29-50:26

Gen. 49:29-50:26 Locate the passage The book of Genesis closes with Egyptian funerals for two Hebrew Patriarchs. Both will be permanently buried outside of Egypt. This pericope closes the book and finishes with the family of Israel (Jacob) completely committed... Read More »

Genesis 49:1-28

Gen. 49:1-28 Locate the passage As Joseph faced the end of his life, he gathered his sons to him and delivered a prophetic oracle related to their future. The “blessings” did not always contain positive declarations, as we tend to understand blessing today... Read More »

Genesis 47:27-48:22

Gen. 47:27-48:22 Locate the passage As great as it must have been for Joseph to have all of his family in Egypt with him, the final 17 years of Jacob’s life must have gone by quickly for him. The narrator fast-forwards through those final years of Jacob’s ... Read More »

Genesis 46:31-47:26

Gen. 46:31-47:26 Locate the passage As Joseph’s family arrived in Egypt, he initiated a meeting with Pharaoh. He instructed them on the official protocol when addressing the king. This pericope is rich in detail. Whereas only one verse (47:11) would have suf... Read More »

Genesis 45:16-46:30

Gen. 45:16 – 46:30 Locate the passage The initial work of reconciliation between Joseph and his brother has occurred and now Joseph has instructed them to bring their father and their families to live in Egypt. Soon, word began to travel throughout Phara... Read More »

Genesis 45:1-15

Gen. 45:1-15 Locate the passage As Joseph witnessed his brothers begin to take responsibility for their previous mistreatment of him and demonstrate maturity in their concern for Benjamin, he could no longer constrain himself. He could not endure the ruse one ... Read More »

Genesis 43:1-44:34

Gen. 43:1-44:34 Locate the passage After an unspecified amount of time, the grain that the brothers had purchased from Egypt was depleted. However, the narrator informs the reader that the famine was still severe on the land. Now, the tension of the text is Ja... Read More »

Genesis 42:1-38

Gen. 42:1-38 Locate the passage In this passage, Joseph’s brothers, with a little help from Joseph, are finally forced to confront their sin in selling their brother into slavery. For 13 years, they lived with their unconfessed and unaddressed sin. How God u... Read More »