Genesis 45:16-46:30

 |  April 9, 2018

Gen. 45:16 – 46:30

  1. Locate the passage

The initial work of reconciliation between Joseph and his brother has occurred and now Joseph has instructed them to bring their father and their families to live in Egypt. Soon, word began to travel throughout Pharaoh’s house that Joseph’s family had arrived. So, Pharaoh gave instructions and supplies to provide for Jacob and his family on their journey. This passage begins a new long journey for Israel in Egypt that begins with Pharaoh granting Israel permission to come and ends with Pharaoh demanding that they leave!

  1. Genre

The passage is primarily narrative, but also includes a theophany as the Lord again spoke to Jacob in a dream at Beersheba. The passage also includes an extensive list of family members who made the journey to Egypt. The section includes conversations between Pharaoh and Joseph, Joseph and his brothers, the brothers and Jacob, and Jacob to Joseph.

  1. Determine the structure of the passage

45:16-20 – Pharaoh’s instructions to Joseph

45:21-28 – The brothers return to Jacob

46:1-4 – God meets Jacob in a dream in Beersheba

46:5-30 – Jacob and his family move to Egypt and Joseph welcomes him

  1. Exegete the passage

45:16 – The news was heard in Pharaoh’s house

45:17-20 – Pharaoh gave instructions to Joseph

45:21-23 – The sons of “Israel” did so

45:24 – Do not quarrel along the way

45:25-28 – Joseph is alive

46:1-4 – Israel set out

46:5-7 – These verses reiterate the complete commitment of Jacob and his family to move to Egypt with everyone and everything that they had.

46:8-27 – The genealogy list of Jacob’s descendants record all “Israel” that began the journey to Egypt

46:27 – All the persons of the house of Jacob … were seventy

46:28 – Jacob sent Judah

46:29-30 – Joseph is reunited with Jacob

  1. Let the structure of the text drive the sermon

This passage shows Joseph and Jacob following God’s plan. It was not the plan that either of them thought would occur. But, it demonstrated the foreknowledge of God (Cf. 37:5-11), the provision of God (45:17-20), and the Divine presence of God with His people (46:3-4; Cf. 28:15).

God’s foreknowledge is also revealed in His promise that Jacob’s descendants will one day return to the land God promised to them.


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