The Preacher Who Mentors: Reproducing in Others What Jesus Produced in You

When one leaves seminary, the name Charles always references Spurgeon. It is hard to imagine any seminary student that would not make that connection. He of course is a great man and one who was iconic. That is, though, sometimes the problem. We study a man wh... Read More »

The One Revolutionary Practice That’s Missing from your Preaching

I had the privilege of visiting Charles Haddon Spurgeon’s church, the Metropolitan Tabernacle, a few years ago while my wife, Kandi, and I were in London. Standing in the church where the prince of preachers faithfully expounded God’s Word was truly moving... Read More »

Disciple Making and Duct Tape

Almost every American owns a roll of duct tape.  Its purpose and uses seem endless.  Unfortunately, one of the things that you can’t do with duct tape is seal ducts. Max Sherman, a physicist who conducted test for three months on a variety of sealing mater... Read More »