Adam Hughes

The Themes of Ephesians

“Good homiletics is built on even better hermeneutics.” I do not know who first made this statement or where I first heard it, but I use this axiom as a rallying cry of sorts in my preaching classes. I genuinely believe you cannot rightly preach what you h... Read More »

The Role of Academic Theology in the Life of the Pastor

I personally have had conversations with both those in and outside the academy who do not like the term pastor-theologian. I do not know if the opposition is based on a substantive or functional objection. I do, however, know that if you are a pastor, it is no... Read More »

The Worship of Preaching: Hearing God’s Voice in the Sermon

I would be surprised to find out if anyone reading this blog does not agree that the Word of God is paramount in our ministries. To state it positively, I feel safe assuming that everyone to whom I am communicating right now believes the Bible is important to ... Read More »

Preaching Christ: What Jesus Said about the Kingdom of God

Perhaps, an obvious and explicit application comes to mind when we read Matthew 13. The application in question relates closely to the imagery of “the man buying the field” or “the merchant seeking fine pearls.” Essentially, once we understand the wort... Read More »

Preaching Interview: Adam Hughes

Dr. Adam Hughes sits down with Dr. Barry McCarty for an interview to discuss how to establish a theology of preaching in the early years of ministry. Read More »