Preaching Trends

A Look Back at How Expository Preaching Changed My Ministry

Both my father and grandfather were Southern Baptist pastors. I grew up in church and loved it. My grandfather was in the first class to begin at Southwestern when it first moved from Waco to Fort Worth. He obtained two degrees over the years 1910 to 1914. He ... Read More »

Why I Became an Expositor

During my first semester of college, I was running from God like crazy. I had been to church my whole life and this was the first time I was out of my parents’ house, and no-one was making me go to church on Sundays; I could do whatever I wanted. And I was a... Read More »

The State of Preaching in the Southern Baptist Convention

I think I can say that I travel back and forth across our Convention as much, or more, than just about anyone else within the Southern Baptist Convention. This allows me great opportunity to visit every size church, as well as associations and state convention... Read More »