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Preaching for the Church

Preaching for the Church. By Richard R. Caemmerer. Saint Louis: Concordia Publishing House, 1959. 353 pages. $4.50.   There are few creative and fresh approaches to homiletics. Consequently it is a rare occurrence when a book on homiletics is published makes... Read More »

“Preaching Values In Hebrew Words”

The well-equipped workrooms and offices of engineers, lawyers, and physicians stand in sharp contrast to the study or workroom of the average pastor. Granted that the spiritual requirements for his call to preach have been met, still there is often a serious d... Read More »

Biblical Preaching on Suffering

A sermon, if it is to be vital, must be addressed to human need. This is not to infer that every sermon should be a life situation sermon in a technical sense, but it does mean that only the minister who preaches every sermon with the hungers of his people in ... Read More »

An Exegetical Approach to the Eschatology of Mark

The word “eschatology” is derived from two Greek words: the adjective eschatos meaning “last”, and the noun logos meaning, in this instance, “doctrine” or “teaching”. Eschatology is, therefore, a study of the doc... Read More »

The Christ of Mark’s Gospel

Certain fundamental assumptions and convictions are necessary to appraise the teaching of the Gospel of Mark concerning the person of Christ. This study of the Christology of Mark is made on the basis of the following assumptions and convictions. First, the Go... Read More »

Preaching Values in Mark’s Gospel

“What shall I preach Sunday?”   “What text can I use this week?”   “What need must I meet in my next sermon?”   These questions disturb and harrass every conscientious and sincere preacher as Sundays and Wednesdays com... Read More »

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