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Consistent or Realized Eschatology in Matthew

The pendulum in theological and biblical studies often swings from one extreme to the other. A half century ago, Albert Schweitzer severely jolted the world of New Testament criticism by his interpretation of Jesus in exclusively eschatological terms. This vie... Read More »

Changing Emphases in Contemporary Preaching

Evangelicals have agreed that preaching is the central charge of the minister. Preaching has been the secret of evangelical advance. Paul Scherer, in his inaugural address as professor of homiletics at Union Seminary, underlined this conviction.  Jesus preach... Read More »

The World of Jeremiah

The historical background of the world of Jeremiah really began when the Kingdoms of Judah and Israel began to lose their independence. As Assyria increased in power and began her campaigns for the dominance of the Fertile Crescent,[1]The nations beginning wih... Read More »

The Prophet’s Call – A Dialogue With God: As Seen In Jeremiah

The prophets were launched upon their prophetic careers by a definite call. Even as Israel moved forward because of a consciousness of a covenant relationship with God, so the true prophets entered the prophetic ministry because of the constraint of God’... Read More »

The Book of Jeremiah

The book of Jeremiah is neither a biography nor auto­ biography of Jeremiah, nor is it a carbon copy of all his ser­mons. it is all of these things and more, with the various materials being joined together in what seems to be a hap­ hazard fashion. It has ... Read More »

Preaching Values in Jeremiah

During the last twenty-five years, preachers have often been exorted to make their messages relevant. During the same period, many pleas have been made for a return to biblical preaching. Some writers have related these two needs by insisting that biblical pre... Read More »

The Creative Preacher

Ours is an age in which creativity is at a premium. At no previous time in history have nations vied with one another in such a competitive race in the areas of science, industry, and to a degree in the arts, although the struggle is less enterprising here tha... Read More »

Needed: Prophetic Preaching

Business is booming in the churches of our land. Budgets are relentlessly spiraling upward. Buildings are larger and more lavishly furnished. Sunday school enrollment and church attendance are on the increase. Surveys indicate that a greater percentage than ev... Read More »

The Motif of First Corinthians

Two wisdoms confront each other in First Corinthians: the “wisdom” of the world and the Wisdom of God. The one constitutes the basic problem at Corinth, the problem underlying all the problems. The other wisdom is God’s answer to the false wi... Read More »

Preaching Values in First Corinthians

The state of the times today calls for a number of ethical sermons every year. The time of year ought to depend on the minister’s program. Personally, I did such preaching during the months following Easter. In the harvest season (winter) we received mor... Read More »

The Theology of First Corinthians

Christian living is theology in action. The Christian life involves both belief and practice. The depth and sincerity of one’s doctrinal belief is revealed by the quality of his life. On the other hand, vital, dynamic Christian living will be rooted in a... Read More »

The Historical Background of First Corinthians

An understanding of historical background is essential in the interpretation of any document, biblical or otherwise. The degree of significance is determined by the extent to which the document deals with the specific problems of a particular situation. Conseq... Read More »

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