Kevin Cobb

The Idol of Greed

Unless you are a prosperity gospel preacher, you will have to preach on some tough subjects from time to time as you preach “the whole counsel of God” (Acts 20:27). Obviously, if you are a prosperity gospel preacher you are probably not reading this articl... Read More »

Preaching Constants vs. Pastoral Concerns

I have only been a Senior Pastor for about four months, but what a wild four months it has been. When I surrendered to the call to pastor, I never envisioned that would mean having to become a televangelist so quickly. I preached my first sermon on March 1, 20... Read More »

The Role of Personal Piety in the Preacher

For followers of Christ, especially those in leadership, character (who you are when no one is watching) and reputation (who others believe you to be) should match as closely as possible.  For this to be possible, the decision must be made to dedicate oneself... Read More »

Preaching and Worship

As a Worship Pastor and occasional preacher, the topic “Preaching and Worship” itself is a point of contention for me.  I am not someone who gets caught up in titles, but my title is a bit misleading because the pastor of a church is always the leader in ... Read More »