Old Testament

Nehemiah 11:1–12:47

A Ministry of Gratitude Context of the Passage: These chapters describes Nehemiah’s efforts to restore Jerusalem as the Holy City for the Jewish people.  They list those who repopulated the city, describe the celebration of the dedication of the wall, and t... Read More »

Nehemiah 10:1–39

Vows to keep Context of the Passage: The people made their commitment public.  They signed their names to it. By signing the agreement, they accepted the standards stipulated and assumed the risks of disobedience.  The leadership was key in stepping up, but ... Read More »

Nehemiah 9:1–38

Corporate Repentance Context of the Passage Nehemiah 9 records the events after the completion of the Solemn Assembly which was held after the seven day celebration of the Feast of Tabernacles.  The Feast of Tabernacles took place in the seventh month from th... Read More »

Nehemiah 8:1–18

Context of the Passage: The gathering of the people in Nehemiah 8 is different from, subsequent to, and dependent upon the gathering pictured in 7:5.  Once the people were brought back (in fulfillment of God’s promise) to Jerusalem, they could be brought to... Read More »

Nehemiah 7:1–73

Preparing to Meet God Context of the Passage: Spiritual awakening doesn’t happen by accident.  Great movements of God are generally preceded by careful preparation. Outline of the Passage 7:1-5 – Organizing for the Assembly 7:6-60 – The people who came ... Read More »

Nehemiah 6:1–19

Context of the Passage: In Nehemiah 5, Nehemiah faced internal challenges, while in Nehemiah 6 he faced external ones.  The intensity of the conflict rose when the job was near completion. In what appears to be a last ditch effort to thwart Nehemiah’s e... Read More »

Nehemiah 5:1–19

Context of the Passage: The rebuilding of the walls has passed the half-way mark.  As the work progressed, in addition to the external threats from enemies, Nehemiah also faced internal threats.  The needs were real and in part caused by Nehemiah’s... Read More »

Nehemiah 4:1–23

Facing Discouragement W/ Courage Context of the Passage: This chapter describes the struggles that the people had to endure during the work.  The chapter begins by describing the response of the opposition to the work and the efforts that they made to dis... Read More »

Nehemiah 3:1–32

Context of the Passage: In this passage, we see Nehemiah and the people getting organized to work.  The people have heard and responded to the challenge of Nehemiah. Now, they begin to organize around family break down the task into manageable units and a... Read More »

Nehemiah 2:1–20

Facing Failure with Faith Context of the Passage: Nehemiah chapter 2 takes place 4 months after the events of chapter 1.  God did not immediately send Nehemiah when Hanani told him about the condition of Jerusalem.  Nor, did Nehemiah immediately ask ... Read More »