The Christian Hope

SWBTS Chapel sermon called The Christian Hope by Southwestern professor Dr. Stephen Presley. Read More »

SWBTS Chapel – Harold Freeman (1990)

SWBTS Chapel sermon by Dr. Harold Freeman. Read More »

SWBTS Chapel – James Draper (1987)

SWBTS Chapel sermon by Dr. James Draper. Read More »

The Influence of Malachi Upon the New Testament

There is no explicit reference to Malachi – either the prophet or the book – in the New Testament. The influence of Malachi upon the New Testament must therefore be determined by a consideration of the quotations from and allusions to the book. &nb... Read More »

Preaching from Malachi

As any perceptive reader knows, the more one reads a particular author with appreciation, the more one tends to think as the author thinks. Can we apply this adage to the reading of the Bible? It would be pre­sumptuous to believe that we can think as God thin... Read More »

The Shape of Theology in the Book of Malachi

Theological Introduction After Solomon died Israel split into two inde­ pendent nations: the Northern Kingdom (also referred to as Israel), larger in size and military strength but weaker in religion; and the Southern Kingdom (referred to as Judah), only a ru... Read More »

An Exposition of Malachi

I. Introduction (1:1) The opening verse of Malachi serves as a superscription or introduction to the entire book. It states three important facts: (1) what follows is the word of God, (2) it is addressed to the people called Israel, and (3) it is communicated ... Read More »