Preaching from Malachi

As any perceptive reader knows, the more one reads a particular author with appreciation, the more one tends to think as the author thinks. Can we apply this adage to the reading of the Bible? It would be presumptuous to believe that we can think as God thinks... Read More »

The Shape of Theology in the Book of Malachi

Theological Introduction After Solomon died Israel split into two indeĀ­ pendent nations: the Northern Kingdom (also referred to as Israel), larger in size and military strength but weaker in religion; and the Southern Kingdom (referred to as Judah), only a ru... Read More »

An Exposition of Malachi

I. Introduction (1:1) The opening verse of Malachi serves as a superscription or introduction to the entire book. It states three important facts: (1) what follows is the word of God, (2) it is addressed to the people called Israel, and (3) it is communicated ... Read More »