Preaching Pointers from Micah

Preaching from the Minor Prophets is a daunting task. With a limited text before them, the preacher needs to be able to identify the historical setting of the author and book, as well as its place in redemptive history. Added to these tasks is the difficulty o... Read More »

A Heart of Responsive Obedience

SWBTS Chapel sermon called A Heart of Responsive Obedience by Southwestern professor, Dr. Steven Smith. Read More »

Who is a God like You? Theological Themes in Micah

Introduction “Describe the universe and give two examples.” I remember this tongue-in-cheek exam question my high school physics teacher tossed before our class with a smile on his face. Of course, answering the question is impossible. One may atte... Read More »

Micah – The Man and His Times

Name and Location The prophet Micah lived in a turbulent time for the divided kingdoms of Israel and Judah. His name is a shortened variation of the name Micaiah, which means “who is like Yahweh.”[1]Also found in Judges 17-18; 1Kings 22. The name p... Read More »

Micah as a Case Study for Preaching and Teaching the Prophets

Introduction As a Christian I am interested in seeing our Scriptures handled properly. As a professor whose specialty is the study of the prophetic materials, I am keenly aware that the prophetic corpus presents some of the most rewarding and difficult texts w... Read More »