SWBTS Chapel – Jay Heflin (1988)

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SWBTS Chapel – D. E. Garland (1983)

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Jeremiah: Outline and Exposition

INTRODUCTION (1:1-19) Superscription (1:1-3) Jeremiah’s Call (1:4-19) DIVINE JUDGMENT ON JUDAH AND JERUSALEM (2:1-25:38) Early Reproofs and Admonitions (2:1-20:18) Judah’s guilt and punishment (2:l – 6:30) The sin of the people (2:1-37) Unfai... Read More »

Jeremiah: The Man and His Times

If any prophet was ever the victim of a “bad rap,” it is Jeremiah. He received this “bad rap” when he was alive, and he continues to be misunderstood by people today. What is the first thing we think of when we hear his name? Weeping pr... Read More »

SWBTS Chapel – Joel Gregory (1981)

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SWBTS Chapel – Herschel Hobbs (1980)

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SWBTS Chapel – D. E. Garland (1978)

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The World of Jeremiah

The historical background of the world of Jeremiah really began when the Kingdoms of Judah and Israel began to lose their independence. As Assyria increased in power and began her campaigns for the dominance of the Fertile Crescent,[1]The nations beginning wih... Read More »

The Prophet’s Call – A Dialogue With God: As Seen In Jeremiah

The prophets were launched upon their prophetic careers by a definite call. Even as Israel moved forward because of a consciousness of a covenant relationship with God, so the true prophets entered the prophetic ministry because of the constraint of God’... Read More »

The Book of Jeremiah

The book of Jeremiah is neither a biography nor auto­ biography of Jeremiah, nor is it a carbon copy of all his ser­mons. it is all of these things and more, with the various materials being joined together in what seems to be a hap­ hazard fashion. It has ... Read More »