Preaching Pointers from Hosea

Hosea is a powerful story of love. It’s not a romantic story—there’s no romance in it (which is important to the story). Hosea tells of God’s kesed love for his unlovable people, paralleled by Hosea’s kesed love for his unlovable wife. Both “wives... Read More »

SWBTS Chapel – Paige Patterson (2005)

SWBTS Chapel sermon by Dr. Paige Patterson. Read More »

SWBTS Chapel – E. K. Bailey

SWBTS Chapel sermon by Dr. E. K. Bailey. Read More »

Hosea 13-14: Promises of Destruction and Restoration

Introduction The contents of the Book of Hosea seem to be arranged in a more or less chronological fashion. For example, Chapter 1, the earliest datable part of the book, predicts the demise of the nation of Israel by means of the names that Hosea gave his chi... Read More »

Hosea 11: Yahweh’s Persistent Love

Introduction The book of Hosea is a testimony to love reaching beyond rejection. From the prophet’s love for Gomer, which was the basis for his purchase of his adulterous wife, to Yahweh’s self-expression of love for Israel in chapter 11, the theme... Read More »

Hosea 4-10: Pictures at an Exhibition

The eighth-century prophets are justly famous as foremost representatives of the institution of prophecy in ancient Israel and Judah. Hosea’s standing in this company is well-deserved for many reasons. First, he carried on the legacy of Elijah as he cham... Read More »

Hosea 1-3: Love Triumphant

Introduction Three major themes are reflected in the book of Hosea: First, that God suffers exceedingly because of human rebellion against him; second, that God loves unconditionally; and third, that God forgives completely. It is apparent that the prophet Hos... Read More »

Hosea: Man, Times, and Material

Introduction Philip Yancey writes regularly for Christianity Today. A few years ago he had an article entitled, “The Bible’s ‘Fusty Old Men.”‘[1]Philip Yancey, “The Bible’s ‘Fusty Old Men,”‘ Christian... Read More »

SWBTS Chapel – Jay Heflin (1989)

SWBTS Chapel sermon by Dr. Jay Heflin. Read More »

A Teaching Outline of Hosea

Introduction The study of the book of Hosea is timely for the people of God in the last half of the twentieth century. The condition in the churches today is similar to that in Israel in the middle of the eighth century B.C. Israel had become conformed to her ... Read More »