Colossians 1:1-2

Locate the Passage 1:1-2 is the introduction to the letter. Identify the Genre The macro level is epistolary. The micro level is expository and contains the introduction to the letter. Determine the Structure of the Passage. This is a traditional Pauline salut... Read More »

Colossians Introduction

Colossians was written by Paul and Timothy to the church at Colossae during Paul’s imprisonment in either Ephesus or Rome. The Colossian church was founded by Epaphras and Philemon (Philemon hosted this church in his home, cf. Philemon 2) probably during Pau... Read More »

Finish The Ministry

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Paul and the Local Church

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Peerless Among Men

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SWBTS Chapel – Robert Jeffress (2011)

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SWBTS Chapel – February 17, 2011

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SWBTS Chapel – Craig Blaising (2008)

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Teaching Colossians In The Local Church

How does the pastor find time for the study required to teach Colossians? He will, only if the truth in the Colossian letter personally comes alive. The time factor is faced constantly by the busy pastor. The purpose of this article is to call attention to Col... Read More »

All in All: Theological Themes in Colossians

The phrase “all in all” (Col. 3:11b) may well refer to a summing up of things. For example, one might say, all in all it has been a good year. The words may also be a confession of an ultimate allegiance: “Christ is all in all.” The two... Read More »