2 Corinthians

SWBTS Chapel – Harold Freeman (1991)

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SWBTS Chapel – Timothy George (1990)

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A Pastor Bares His Heart: an Outline of 2 Corinthians

I am honored to have an opportunity to contribute to a volume dedicated to the memory of my friend and teacher, Dr. Virtus Gideon. Dr. Gideon’s willingness to receive and support each person as an individual greatly touched my life. He accepted me as a &... Read More »

Critical Issues in 2 Corinthians

As I reflect upon my graduate classroom experiences with Dr. Virtus Gideon, images of a Christian gentleman, scholar, mentor, and encourager emerge from my thoughts. His life was a living testimony of the “treasure” possessed in an earthen vessel (... Read More »

Interpretation of 2 Corinthians

Dr. Virtus E. Gideon was a student’s professor. His ability and knowledge were matched by his concern and love for students. His conduct in life and his gracious, Christlike spirit made him a role-model for all of us who were preparing to servants and mi... Read More »

Preaching Values in 2 Corinthians

H. C. Brown and Gordon Clinard taught me the basics of preaching the Word of God. T. B. Maston taught me how to apply these truths to the social problems facing the church, and this was especially valuable to me as a pastor in the turbulent sixties. Huber Drum... Read More »

SWBTS Chapel – J. W. MacGorman (1985)

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SWBTS Chapel – Frank Pollard (1981)

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SWBTS Chapel – Bailey Smith (1980)

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SWBTS Chapel – Bruce Corley (1979)

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