Nehemiah 7:1–73

 |  January 14, 2019

Preparing to Meet God

Context of the Passage:

Spiritual awakening doesn’t happen by accident.  Great movements of God are generally preceded by careful preparation.

Outline of the Passage

7:1-5 – Organizing for the Assembly

7:6-60 – The people who came

7:61-64 – Those who came who could not be properly identified

7:65-72 – Instructions on and examples of faithfulness

Exegesis of the Passage

7:1 – gatekeepers, singers, and Levites appointed

7:2 – Hanani was put in charge

7:3 – Nehemiah gave instructions to the gatekeepers on how to guard the city

7:4-5 – Nehemiah recognized that the city was only sparsely populated

7:5 – God put it in my heart

7:6-60 – These are the records that Nehemiah found regarding those who returned from the captivity in Babylon

7:61-64 – If Nehemiah could not substantiate that the people were of Hebrew heritage, they were not allowed to serve as priests.

7:65 – The Governor ordered them

7:70-72 – Some of the people contributed

7:73 – The last part of verse 73 seems to fit better with the message beginning in 8:1.

Sermon on the Passage

How do we prepare to meet God?  Note in the passage what Nehemiah led the people to do as they prepared for the assembly of chapter 8.

  1. Establish Godly Leadership (2)
  2. Organize for Success (3)
  3. Challenge the people in their Faith
    • Their Identification in the Body (5-60)
      • The people were instructed to public identify themselves by their family unity
        • This was seen by the fulfillment of God’s Promise (7:5; Cf. 1:9)
      • This established their credentials as the people of Israel
    • Their Purity (61-64)
      • Check records carefully
      • Guard against imposters in leadership (cf. 7:5)
    • Their Obedience (65)
      • Follow the principles of Scripture in the practice of our faith
    • Their Giving (70-72)
      • Challenge the people to participate through giving.

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