2 Timothy 4:1–8

 |  September 5, 2018

When you get to this point in the letter, you sense Paul’s urgency increasing as he begins his final thoughts ….  He begins this section with a charge.  He used this same word in 1 Tim. 5:21.

Paul grounds this charge on 4 realities: God, Jesus, Jesus’ return, Jesus’ Kingdom (See the similar grounds in 1 Tim. 5:21)

In light of Christ’s coming judgment … Paul has some final instructions.  This passage contains two sets of commands à 9 imperatives (5 in verse 2; 4 in verse 5)




Like God’s instructions to Ezekiel in Ezekiel 3:17–21, we are to preach the truth whether people listen or not.  We are to preach the Word, because THEY will not endure and the result will be that some will NOT LISTEN

We combat that by the faithful preaching of God’s Word!


The imperative to “be alert” is used 6 times in the NT (1 Th. 5:6, 8; 2 Tim. 4:5; 1 Pt. 1:13; 4:7; 5:8), and all have something to do with an alertness related to the return of Christ.

Christ is coming; be ready!



The word, “departure” – literally, “loosing” (as in an anchor)

Paul used 3 verb tenses: I have fought; there is laid up for me; the Lord will give in that day

Here, Paul, sort of mixes metaphors (fight; race)

There is laid up for me!

You might title this message: Preach the Word!

There is a Pattern:

  1. Do this … because they will do this and this will happen
  2. Do this … because I have done this and this will happen

Preach the Word because they will not endure and (as a result) heap up teachers

Be alert in all things because I have fought the good fight and there is laid up for me a crown

Be faithful to your calling; be alert → because Jesus is coming again; ALL will stand before Him; and He will reward faithfulness!

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