2 Timothy 2:8–13

 |  September 5, 2018

Paul previously used three examples:

Here, he cites Jesus as the ultimate example of faithfulness.  Paul notes two aspects in particular about Jesus:  He is Savior and Messiah

So, the challenge is to Remember Jesus:

Then, everything that follows in this passage grows out of the understanding of His faithfulness.

Because He is faithful – that’s the impact of vss. 9 and 10 (“for which,” “for this reason”)

2:11 – This is one of 5 “faithful sayings” (Πιστὸς ὁ λόγος).

2:11–12 – The verb tenses following the four “if” statements are critical.

You might title this message: Remember Jesus!

Because Jesus is faithful:

  1. I know I Can Trust His Word
  2. I know I Can Trust His Purpose
  3. I know I Can Trust His Promise
  4. I know I Can Trust His Nature

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