2 Timothy 2:14–26

 |  September 5, 2018

Paul’s imperative to Timothy in this section is to Remind them

The reminder that Timothy was to deliver is written in 7 imperatives: remind them (14), be diligent (15), shun (16), depart (19), flee (22), pursue (22), avoid (23).  It is noteworthy that after the initial instruction to remind, four of the next six instructions are in the negative (shun, depart, flee, and avoid).  They are the things that Timothy is to remind the faithful believers from which they were to abstain.

The thing (“These things”) that Timothy was to remind them of reflects back to 2:11 – “The        faithful saying”

Next, the instructions build on that admonition.  Paul began the previous section (2:3–6) with three metaphors of Christian faithfulness.  He will conclude the pericope with three more metaphors (a worker, a vessel, and a servant).  These final three images are the outline of the charge Timothy was to bring to the people.

Timothy was to admonish those faithful believers not to “wrangle about words.”  The verb here is the same root as the noun with the same meaning in 1 Tim. 6:4.  Paul gave a similar instruction two verses later is 2:16.  The two-fold emphasis of useless talk suggests that a specific need that Timothy was to address.

There is danger in what we say.  Note the Consequences:

  1. Useless (14)
  2. It Leads to ruin (14)
  3. It leads to further ungodliness (16)
  4. It spreads (17)


2:17 – Hymenaeus and Philetus – Here, Paul used an illustration of those whose “words” were unholy and caused sickness

2:18 – the phrase “gone astray” suggests those who have “missed the mark.”

2:19 – The sin of the ungodly cannot shake the foundation God has established.  That foundation is sealed with two truths:

2:21 – How to be a vessel of honor – Cleanse yourself from the false teaching that was causing sickness in the body.

2:22 – Thus, there are some things that must be avoided.  The two imperatives here instruct          believers to “flee” and to “pursue.”  Believers are to pursue holy things WITH those who         call on the name of the Lord

2:24 – Here are strong words for “the Lord’s Servants”

You might title this message: Remind them!

Here are the charges that Paul gave Timothy to entrust to those “faithful men”

NOTE – with each of these challenges, there is an audience

Audience – the Lost (26)

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