1 Peter 4:12-19

 |  April 17, 2018

1 Peter 4:12-19

Preaching 4:12-19: “The Truth about Suffering”

Main Idea: When you understand that suffering for Christ’s sake is both prescribed and purposeful, you can treasure and trust Him in the fire of suffering.

  1. Respond biblically. (12-13)
    1. do not be surprised (xenizesthe-Pres. Mid. Imper.)
    2. do keep on rejoicing (chairete-Pres. Act. Imper.)
  2. Remember specifically. (14-18)
    1. support from heaven: the Spirit of glory and of God rests (anapauetai-Pres. Mid. Ind.) on you
    2. do not suffer (pascheto-Pres. Act. Imper.) as a wrong-doer
    3. do not be ashamed (aischunestho-Pres. Mid. Imper) and do glorify (doxazeto-Pres. Act. Imper.)
    4. coming judgment/examination on the house of God and those disobedient, Prov. 11:31
  3. Rely actively. (19)
    1. command for those suffering according to the will of God
    2. let them commit/entrust for safekeeping (paratithesthosan-Pres. Mid. Imper.) their souls
    3. to a faithful (pisto) Creator (ktiste)

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