1 Peter 4:1-11

 |  April 17, 2018

1 Peter 4:1-11

Observations on 4:1-6: Verses 1-3 address the “sufficiency” of past time spent in sinful behaviors. Verse 1 connects the past suffering of Christ to the command “arm yourselves (hoplisasthe-Aor. Mid. Imper.) with the same mind (ennoian).” This is the only imperative command in 4:1-6.

In verse 3, note the six activities the Gentiles (ethnon) have carried out and walked in repeatedly.

In verse 4, observe two results from the believer’s non-participation in the acts described in the previous verse: They (non-believers) think it strange (xenizontai) you are not running (suntrechonton) with them and they blaspheme you.

Verse 5 offers the reminder that God has the last word. Scoffers will give (apodosousin) account (logos) to the One judging the living and the dead.

In verse 6, note that the reference to the gospel being preached (euengelisthe-Aor. Pas. Ind.) to the dead (nekrois) likely has to do with the gospel being preached to living men at the time of Noah. By the time of Peter’s writing, these men were no longer living. They are the dead referred to here.

Preaching 4:7-11: “Before Time Runs Out”

Main Idea: Let an awareness of the approaching end of time make you sensitive to the daily responsibilities of the Christian life.

  1. Understand the affirmation. (7a)
    1. the end (telos) has drawn near (engiken-Perf. Act. Ind.)
    2. how the Lord reckons time: 2 Peter 3:8
  2. Apply the instructions (7b-11)
    1. Live seriously. 7b
      1. be sound (sophronesate) and be sober (nepsate)-aorist imperatives
      2. for the purpose of prayers
    2. Love intensely. 8
      1. primary importance
      2. stretched out/fervent (ektene)
      3. fatherly forbearance: Prov. 10:12
    3. Extend hospitality. 9
      1. stranger-friendly (philoxenoi)
      2. without grumbling (goggusmou)
    4. Deploy gifts. 10-11
      1. each believer gifted to serve (charisma)
      2. stewards (oikonomoi) of multi-faceted (poikiles) grace
      3. speaking and serving from supplied (choregei) strength
      4. giving glory to the Giver

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