1 Peter 3:1-7

 |  April 17, 2018

Preaching 3:1-7: “The Message Your Marriage Preaches”

Main Idea: When wives and husbands fulfill their biblically-designed roles, their marriages magnify God.

  1. Instructions for wives
    1. Practice submissive behavior.    (1-2)
      1. “be subject” (hupotassemenoi-Pres. Mid. Ptc.)
      2. humble recognition of divine order in marriage
      3. impact: unbelieving husband “will be won (kerdethesontai-Fut. Pas. Ind.)” without a word
    2.   Prioritize internal adornment.     (3-6)
      1. “do (not) let (esto-Pres. Act. Imper.) your adorning (kosmos) be external (exothen)”
      2. hair, jewelry, clothing: not prohibited but subordinated
      3. “do let your adorning be the hidden (kruptos) person of the heart”
      4. imperishable (aphtharto) beauty which is of great worth (poluteles) to God
      5. illustration/example of Sarah and Abraham
  2. Instructions for husbands
    1. Exercise understanding. (7a)
      1. “dwelling (sunoikountes-Pres. Act. Ptc) with them according to knowledge (gnosin)”
    2.  Show honor.     (7b)
      1. “showing (aponemontes-Pres. Act. Ptc.) honor to the weaker (asthenestero) vessel (skeuei)”
      2. “weaker:” reference to biological endowments
      3. rationale: “fellow-heirs (sunkleronomois)” and prayers not “hindered (enkoptesthai)”

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