1 Peter 1:13-25

 |  April 17, 2018

1 Peter 1:13-25

Observations on 1:13-16: In verse 13, subordinate two key participles (“having girded up”-anazosamenoi-Aor. Mid. Ptc. and “being sober-minded”-nephontes-Pres. Act. Ptc.) to the first imperative which occurs in 1 Peter (“set hope”-elpisate-Aor. Act. Imper.). In verse 14, note the key phrase “not fashioning yourselves”-suschematizomenoi-Pres. Mid. Ptc.

In verse 15, note the second imperative in these verses: “be (holy)”-genethete-Aor. Pas. Imper.

In verse 16, note the use of the OT text of Lev. 11:44.

Preaching 1:17-21: “Fearful and Fearless”

Main Idea: Only as you fear the Lord properly can you face your future fearlessly.

  1. Relish the responsibility of fearful living. (17b)
    1.       positive treatment in Scripture (Psa. 130:4, Prov. 9:10, Isa. 66:22)
    2.       a declaration to disciples    (Luke 12:4-7)
    3.       conduct yourselves-anastraphete-Aor. Pas. Imper.-with fear-(phobo)
    4.       during the time (chronon) of your exile (paroikias)
  2. … recognizing the total impartiality of the Lord (17a)
    1. a Father who is judging (krinonta)-Pres. Act. Ptc.
    2. without respect of persons (aprosopolemptos)-“without receiving face”
    3. according to each one’s works
    4. Privileged status does not convey license to sin.
  3. … knowing the tremendous value of your deliverance (18-21)
    1. immeasurable worth-you were redeemed –(elutrothete)-Aor. Pas. Ind.
    2. precious blood (timioi haimati)
    3. unblemished lamb (amnou a momou)
    4. eternal origin: foreknown (proegnosmenou) before the foundation (kataboles)
    5. divine certification: raised (egeiranta) and glorified (doxan)

Observations on 1:22-25: In verse 22, note the phrase “having purified” (hegnikotes)-Perf. Act. Ptc. and subordinate it to “love” (agapesate)-Aor. Act. Imper.

In verse 23, note the supportive/subordinate role of “having been born again” (anagegennemenoi)-Perf. Mid. Ptc. (definite past action with abiding results).

In verses 24-25, note the OT reference from Isa. 40:6, 8.

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