1 John 5:13-20

 |  April 17, 2017

You will need to decide whether to treat v. 21 as a part of this paragraph or whether to treat it as a separate sermon. I opted for the latter in my preaching through 1 John, based on linguistic reasons. If you go with the former approach, v. 21 functions as the exhortation and final appeal with 5:13-20 functioning as the grounds or reason for the closing appeal.

Verse 13 functions as the dominant claim or point: knowing that you have eternal life. The rest of the paragraph is sub-divided into the following units:

vv. 14-17

v. 18

v. 19

v. 20

The sermon would have one main point (v. 13), followed by 4 sub-points, each further describing what is true of those who possess eternal life.

I. Christians know that they have eternal life – (13)

A. Because of answered prayer – (14-17)

B. Because we have God’s protection – (18)

C. Because we belong to God – (19)

D. Because we know God, are united to him and Jesus, and have eternal life – (20)

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