Northcutt and Preaching: Editorial Introduction

Albert Fasol  |  Southwestern Journal of Theology Vol. 27 - Spring 1985

This issue of the Southwestern Journal of Theology is dedicated to Dr. Jesse J. Northcutt, Distinguished Professor of Preaching, Emeritus; Vice President for Academic Affairs, Retired, 1973-1979; Dean, School of Theology, 1953-1973; taught from 1939-1948, and 1950 till the present time; our teacher, our friend, our respected colleague.  

Two qualities characterize the ministry of Dr. Northcutt: he is the epitome of Christian gentlemanliness, and he is the best exegete many of us have ever heard from the pulpit. One could hardly ask for a better role model for seminary students. Those readers who have known and studied under Dr. Northcutt will know that these are not mere sanctimonious ramblings. Those readers who have not known Dr. Northcutt would do well to correct that gap in their lives.  

Dr. Scott Tatum, Herman E. Westmoreland Professor of Preaching at Southwestern, has known of and known Dr. Northcutt longer than any of his other preaching faculty colleagues. Dr. Tatum has contributed the article on the life and contributions of Dr. Northcutt to the field of homiletics. Dr. Joel Gregory, Assistant Professor of Preaching at Southwestern, has written an article on “Interpretation in Preaching,” Dr. Harold Freeman, Professor of Preaching, has written on “Application in Preaching, ” Dr. Dean Dickens, one of Dr. Northcutt’s favorite students who is now serving as Academic Dean and Professor of Homiletics at the Philippine Baptist Theological Seminary in Baguio City, Philippines, wrote on “Communication in Preaching,” and I have submitted an article on “Illustration in Preaching.” Each article was written with a view to acknowledging Dr. Northcutt’s supreme contributions to the study of preaching at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.  

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