Teddy W. Sorrells Jr.

Finding the Main Idea

I have been preaching for nearly 20 years. I started later in life compared to some of these young guns right out of seminary. I started preaching with no formal preaching education. All I had was my Bible and Dr. Adrian Rogers’ “Love Worth Finding” radi... Read More »

Changes to Make in Sermon Preparation

Until recently, for the last 14 years, I have been preparing to preach or teach at least three times a week to a wonderful little church. It has been my greatest joy in ministry but it has also presented some of my greatest struggles. Week after week I would f... Read More »

Preaching God’s Magnificent Mercy

Preaching requires many things. Every week there are many aspects the preacher should consider. In text-driven preaching, every sermon is governed by the text. The entire sermon is built upon three primary principles—the substance, the structure, and the spi... Read More »