Brad Jurkovich

Preaching Interview: Brad Jurkovich

Dr. Brad Jurkovich sits down with Dr. Barry McCarty for an interview to discuss preaching that connects. Read More »

The Truth Challenge: Preaching Absolute Truth in An Age of Relativism

I remember being in Phoenix, Arizona, years ago with my family. It was a place that I used to live, so I was rather excited to show my wife and kids all around the area of the city that I grew up in. And when it came to dinnertime, I couldn’t wait to take th... Read More »

Why Every Preacher Needs to Know and Preach Sound Doctrine

It was the most watched syndicated television special in 1986 with 30 million viewers. I remember it well. The hype was incredible. Television reporter Geraldo Rivera had convinced television producers that they would do a live following of Geraldo as he took ... Read More »