Genesis 26:12-33

 |  April 9, 2018

Gen. 26:12-33

  1. Locate the passage

Isaac settled in Gerar and the Lord blessed him. Like his father before him, the people of the land became threatened by his blessing. The passage records three responses of the people of Gerar. The king asked him to leave their territory, the people contended with him, and, finally, the king offered to make a treaty with him.

  1. Genre

The passage is narrative. It records the conversations between the king to Isaac, the Lord and Isaac, and Isaac and the king.

  1. Determine the structure of the passage

26:13-16 – Threatened by blessing

26:17-22 – The Lord has made room for us

26:23-25 – A covenant with the King

26:26-33 – A covenant with the king

  1. Exegete the passage

This passage reveals more parallels between the Isaac and Abraham accounts. The recognition of Divine blessing (cf. 21:22), the quarreling over wells (cf. 21:25-30), the covenant with the king of Gerar (cf. 21:31-32), and calling on the name of the Lord at Beersheba (cf. 21:33).

26:13-15 – The man began “to prosper” and continued “prospering”

26:16 – Go away from us

26:17-21 – Isaac listened to the king and left the area, but not the land of Gerar (since God told him to dwell there).

26:22 – The Lord has made room for us

26:23 – The going to the land of Beersheba does not constitute Isaac leaving the land that he just recognized God gave him, but demonstrates his familiarity with the similarity of his life with that of his father and he returns to the place where he father “called on the name of the Lord.”

26:24 – The Lord appeared to him

26:25 – “Called on the name of the Lord”

26:26-29 – Since asking Isaac to leave their area and the efforts to stop their water supply did not work to diminish God’s blessing of Isaac, Abimelech offers to make a covenant with Isaac.

26:30-33 – The discovery of another productive well in another indication of the Lord’s blessing on Isaac.

  1. Let the structure of the text drive the sermon


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