1 Peter

SWBTS Chapel – J. W. MacGorman (1992)

SWBTS Chapel sermon by Dr. J. W. MacGorman. Read More »

The Theology of First Peter

The whole of I Peter is “theology.” Whether the word “theology” should be used to refer specifically to the doctrine of God or to the entire discipline of Christian belief has been an often-debated subject in the history of Christian th... Read More »

1 Peter – Outline and Exposition

OUTLINE Theme: Teaching and Preaching for the Persecuted Salutation (1:1-2). The work of the Trinity described First teaching section (1:3-12). The method and nature of salvation A salvation based on the hope inspired by Christ’s resurrection¬†¬† (1:3-5)... Read More »

Preaching from 1 Peter

Preaching from I Peter affords a wide variety of possibilities for both traditional and contemporary models of expository preaching. Among these is the direct biblical sermon presenting an exposition of truths specifically taught in a passage of scripture. Thi... Read More »

SWBTS Chapel – Frank Pollard (1979)

SWBTS Chapel sermon by Dr. Frank Pollard. Read More »

SWBTS Chapel – Douglas Freeman (1975)

SWBTS Chapel sermon by Dr. Douglas Freeman. Read More »