Pastoral Preaching

Preaching as Rod and Staff

The apostle Peter tells the elders of the churches in Asia Minor, “shepherd the flock of God that is among you” (1 Pet 5:2). The task of the pastor-elder, the very nature of pastoring, should be understood as shepherding the church. This should change how ... Read More »

The Healing Power of the Word

“Is there no balm in Gilead?”   The nineteenth-century British luminary Joseph Parker said, “Preach to the suffering, and you will never lack a congregation. There is a broken heart in every pew.” We live in a broken and hurting world. There are f... Read More »

The Shepherd-Preacher: Understanding the Audience as Sheep

Sheep in biblical times were essential to the culture for religious sacrifices, food, and clothing. They were commonplace to many of the authors of scripture.[1]Henry Chichester Hart, The Animals Mentioned in the Bible (London: The Religious Tract Society, 188... Read More »

Preaching as Shepherding

I generally eat every day. Some days more than others; some less. Some meals are more memorable than others. Some are more pleasurable than others. But all serve a vital purpose in my life. I eat because food is necessary for life. In the same way, spiritual f... Read More »