SWBTS Chapel – Jimmy Draper (1998)

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SWBTS Chapel – Timothy George (1997)

SWBTS Chapel sermon by Dr. Timothy George. Read More »

SWBTS Chapel – Calvin Miller (1996)

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SWBTS Chapel – Bailey Smith (1991)

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The Remarkable Suffering Servant of Isaiah 40-55

Introduction Servanthood is a prominent concept in Isaiah 40-55.[1]These chapters are generally seen as a literary unit. The majority of scholars relate their perspective to the exilic period; see William Sanford LaSor, David Allan Hubbard, and Frederic Willia... Read More »

The Use of Isaiah in Preaching

Preaching from Isaiah promises to be an exciting and challenging experience. Studying the insights of God’s Word expressed in the ancient text of Isaiah becomes insight and God’s Word for the modern preacher. The book of Isaiah provides a rich trea... Read More »

The Holy One of Israel is Savior: Theological Themes in Isaiah

The history of critical studies in Isaiah dem¬≠onstrates the triumph of the historical-critical method of Bible study. At no point has a stronger consensus of scholarship been reached than in the division of Isaiah into three separate literary sections. In jus... Read More »

Isaiah: The Man and His Book

The book of Isaiah is a giant among the Old Testament prophecies, great in quantity and quality. Historically, it has been highly revered in both Jewish and Christian communities. For example, in the Jewish Mishnah it was the most frequently quoted book, in th... Read More »

SWBTS Chapel – Roy Fish (1990)

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SWBTS Chapel – Fred Craddock (1987)

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