History of Preaching

Learning to Preach from Martyn Lloyd-Jones

The ministry of Dr. Martin Lloyd-Jones (MLJ) at Westminster Chapel in central London “was one of the greatest Christian phenomena of the 20th century.”[1]https://www.westminsterchapel.org.uk/ourhistory/. My awareness of Lloyd-Jones’ homiletical legacy le... Read More »

Learning to Preach from Charles Simeon

In the history of preaching, Charles Simeon is a name to remember. His view of preaching continues to influence modern homiletical thought in a dramatic fashion. Simeon was born in England in 1759, attended Cambridge and became pastor of Church of the Holy Tri... Read More »

Learning to Preach from Martin Luther King, Jr.

The black preacher has been called many things; he’s been called a poet, a sage, a prophet, and the political leader of his community. Black preachers have been the voice of both hope and despair in the struggle for Civil Rights. They are the expressions of ... Read More »

Learning to Preach from Charles Spurgeon

“Give the people something worth hearing and they will listen like a woman hearing a will read or a condemned man hearing his sentence given by the judge.” The man who said that was preaching to thousands weekly by the age of 21 and had already preached mo... Read More »

The Preaching Ministry of W.A. Criswell

While the name W. A. Criswell is known and revered among many evangelicals and Southern Baptists, it would appear that some are in need of an introduction or refresher course on the colossal contribution this man made in Christendom generally and in the pulpit... Read More »

The History of Expository Preaching: Part 3 | Broadus to Present Day

There are two primary reasons why a comprehensive history of expository preaching in the English language has not been written. First, the terminology of “expository preaching” does not specify an exact homiletical method. Instead, it asserts a principle w... Read More »

The History of Expository Preaching: Part 2 | Claude to Broadus

The first to recognize and place great significance on the work of Jean Claude was an English Baptist by the name of Robert Robinson. He discovered Claude’s Essay on the Composition of a Sermon nearly one hundred years after it was published and was the firs... Read More »

The History of Expository Preaching: Part 1 | Claude to Broadus

A study of the history of preaching is essential for the preacher who desires to be an effective communicator. As Alfred Ernest Garvie wrote nearly one hundred years ago, the best way to be better equipped to preach is through a study of the past.  He said, T... Read More »