Genesis 11

Genesis 11:27-12:9

Gen. 11:27-12:9 Locate the passage This section begins a new toledoth following the family of Terah, Abram’s father.  This toledoth is one of the longest sections in Genesis and extends through 25:11.  This section introduces us to Abram (whose name will a... Read More »

Genesis 11:10-26

Gen. 11:10-26 Locate the passage This section is marked by the beginning of a new toledoth through the lineage of Shem.  The passage shows the lineage of Abraham through the line of Shem. Genre The passage is narrative.  It is an extended genealogy list.  T... Read More »

Genesis 11:1-9

Gen. 11:1-9 Locate the passage This passage recounts the Divine interruption of mankind’s selfish plans to make a name for themselves.  This passage records the events that led to the Lord enforcing mankind’s obedience to the Divine command to “fill the... Read More »