Nehemiah 10:1–39

 |  January 14, 2019

Vows to keep

Context of the Passage:

The people made their commitment public.  They signed their names to it. By signing the agreement, they accepted the standards stipulated and assumed the risks of disobedience.  The leadership was key in stepping up, but the people also participated. What would happen to our congregations today if the leaders and the people commitment to be faithful to God’s Word?

Outline of the Passage

10:1-27 – The people who made a Commitment to the Lord

10:28-29 – The Commitment

10:30-38 – The Stipulations

Exegesis of the Passage

10:1-27 – The people who signed the Covenant agreement are divided into three groups

  1. The Priests (1-8)
  2. The Levites (9-13)
  3. The Leaders of the People (14-27)

The list includes:

  1. Some who returned with Zerubbabel (Ezra 2; Neh 7, 12)
  2. Some who made commitments with Ezra in Ezra 8
  3. Others who vowed to get rid of foreign wives in Ezra 10
  4. Some who built the wall in Neh. 3
  5. Some who served in the Solemn Assembly in Neh 8
  6. Others who served in the Assembly of Neh 9

10:28 – Those who entered into the Covenant

10:29 – a Curse (alah) and an Oath (shebuah)

10:30 – Mixed Marriages

10:31 – Honor the Sabbath Day

10:32 – A self-appointed offering

10:33 – The uses of the Temple Tax included: Showbread, various offerings, the work of the House of God

Sermon on the Passage

Commitment (29): To walk according to God’s Law

  1. A Commitment to Holiness – To be separate from the world
  2. A Commitment to Obedience – To live according to the principles of God’s Word
    • In my Worship: Honor the Lord’s Day
    • In my Obedience: Live according to the principles of His Word
    • In my Business: Practice our business according to the principles of God’s Word
  3. A Commitment to Participation – To support God’s Work Financially (32-39)
    • Out of desire (32)
    • Out of obligation (34, 36)
    • Out of need (35)
      • For the work (33)
      • For the servants (34)
      • For the sacrifices (36-38)

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